Braniff Attorneys | Counselors is a Houston, Texas based law firm, serving a predominately corporate client base, representing a variety of publicly and privately owned business interests. The firm’s mission is to provide legal services and professional advice of the highest quality to each of our clients.

The firm concentrates its practice in Mergers and Acquisitions, General Corporate and Business matters, as well as Insurance and Financial Services law. In addition, the firm represents clients before administrative and regulatory authorities.

A common myth is that quality legal services come only from large law firms. That belief may have had validity 20 years ago, but it is no longer true today. Modern technology now allows small boutique law firms to access the same resources as expeditiously as large firms. Moreover, small firms can leverage these resources with added advantages …

  • Tenured principal’s attention to client matters
  • Greater flexibility
  • Better attorney / client interaction
  • Fewer professional conflicts
  • More competitive fee structure